I Had Someone Else
Ben Bernie & His Orch.; The Goofus Five; Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys; many others 1925
  (Blue Star 1727)   Andy Andrus


Allemande left that corner girl
Then swing with your own
Promenade around that ring you roam
Those heads wheel around,
Right & left thru you go, cross
Left allemande and weave the ring you know
You needn't stay, go any day
Promenade with me baby, but listen while I say
I had someone else, before I had you
I'll have someone after you're gone

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Those head two pass thru
Go round one you do
In that middle square thru 3/4 round
Allemande left that corner girl and partner box the gnat
You pull her by and swing that corner round
Then join 8 hands and circle left, go round that ring
Allemande left new corners, come back, swing that Jane
Promenade around that ring, and listen while I sing
I'll have someone after you're gone

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