Put Your Arms Around Me
Perry Como and many others 1910
  (Blue Star 1712)   Al "Tex" Brownlee
two columns


4 little ladies chain you turn 'em left around
Roll away and circle left go round the town
Partner left, a dopaso, here-chick-chick and then
Partner left an allemande thar, gents you back in
Slip the clutch, left allemande and pass one

Swing the next little lady then we'll promenade
Singing oh, oh, I never knew
Any girl like you

FIGURE    C1, corner progression

Head ladies to the right you chain turn
that lady fair
New side ladies chain, go straight across the
Heads go up and back, dosado I say
All the way around, star thru then roll away
Substitute and corners swing with all your might
Promenade and put your arms around me tight
Singing oh, oh, I never knew
Any girl like you

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