Somebody Stole My Gal
Johnnie Ray; Cab Calloway 1918
  (Top 25240)   Chip Hendrickson


Join hands and circle to the left
Left allemande, do a grand right & left
It's in and out til you meet her, dosado
Boys star by the left now, one time around and then
A star promenade with your own
Boys keep going, now the girls turn back
Twice around until you meet her again
You do a dosado and then a left allemande
Come home and all promenade
Well what do ya know? Somebody stole my gal!

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Head couples square thru 3, you go 3/4 round
You cloverleaf, all double pass thru
Cloverleaf again, now the centers square thru 3
3/4 round now, left allemande and then
You dosado your partner,
Side couples square thru
You go 4 hands, your corner dosado once around and
Swing that same corner girl and then you all promenade
Oh, oh, oh, well what do ya know? Somebody stole my gal!


So bow to your partner
Somebody stole my gal!

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