Born Loser
  (MacGregor 2005)   Charlie Guy

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 go up and back
Slide thru across the track
Then dixie daisy* count 3 hands you do
Centers in then all of you
Turn back and star thru
Center 4 square thru 3/4 round
Allemande left your corner
Walk right by your own
Swing your right hand lady boys
And promenade her home
Born loser, born loser
You lost her, so take a new one home and swing


Now you're all at home so swing

*Dixie daisy: two couples in the center facing the center, two couples on the outside facing the center (double pass thru position). The couples in the center begin by taking the person they are facing by the right hand and pull them by, taking the next person by the left and turn them around, and come back to the center with the right hand and pull by again and stop, waiting for the next call.
Note: when the working couple turns the outside person by the left they will leave them facing out. Do not turn back until told to.

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