Mental Journey
Leon Ashley; David Houston 1968
  (Blue Star 1836)   Ken Bower


Allemande left your corner, grand old right & left around
Until you meet your partner there, all 8 spin the top
Turn half by the right, the girls star left 3/4 round the town
Boys move up, slide thru with your partner there
Circle to the left, allemande the corner lady
Why don't you dosado this girl and promenade
Promenade that ring right on back around I sing
While I take a mental journey through our love

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head ladies chain and you turn that girl I say
Rollaway, go up and back
And then you star thru, a dosado, get once around that girl
Swing thru and box the gnat
Well you gonna pull on by, swing the corner lady
Swing this girl and then you promenade
Don't be alarmed 'cause I mean you no harm
I'm just dancing with a memory on my mind

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