San Antonio Rose / You Call Everybody Darling
Bob Wills and His Playboys; Merle Haggard; Johnny Cash; John Denver; many others 1938
  (MacGregor 6065 side A)   


Oh, it's swing, boys, swing, swing 'em round and round
Promenade your honey all around the town
Oh, you promenade her home, swing with your Rose of San Antone


1) Oh the head couples out and you circle for awhile
2) Dosado your honeys in that good old mountain style
3) Swing with your opposite as though she were your own
4) Swing with your Rose of San Antone
5) The ladies chain across, don't you gals get lost
6) The ladies chain in line, oh, my you're doing fine
7) Ladies chain across
8) Now you chain in line
9) Swing with your Rose of San Antone
10) Swing on the corner, she's the gal from way out west
11) Swing your little honey, she's the one you love best
12) Left hand to your corner
13) Dosado your own
14) Balance to your honey
15) And you weave that ring back home
16) When you meet your honey, you will dosado around
17) Weave that ring now you're heading home, swing with your Rose of San Antone

(Explanation of moves:

1) #1 and #3 couples join hands with #2 and #4 couples and circle to the left.
2) Gents break with their left hands, loop partners across in front of them and all the way around in back of them. The ladies do a left face twirl as they go around their partners and back into position at his right side.
3) The gents swing opposite ladies about twice around.
4) The gents swing their partners again, swinging into a line of 4 facing the center of the set. As they swing in line, the working couples stand closest to their home position.
5) Touching right hands, passing right shoulders, the ladies chain across to the opposite gents, extending their left hands to his left hand, the gents turn the ladies a 3/4 turn (CCW) to face the next gents in line.
6) Touch right hands, passing right shoulders, the ladies chain in line to the gents directly opposite them. They extend their left hands to his left hand and lead gents turn them 3/4 turn (CCW) to face the gents directly across the set. Inactive gents turn 1-1/4 turn CCW.
7) Repeat the chain across as explained above except lead gents turn ladies 1-1/4 turn and inactive gents turn 3/4 turn.
8) Ladies chain in line as explained above.
9) Gents swing their partners.
10) The gents swing their left hand ladies.
11) Gents swing their partners.
12) Gents execute an allemande left with their corner ladies.
13) Gents face their partners and walk around them, passing right shoulders back to back and return to place.
14) Using a right hand hold, the couples lean away from each other full arm's length, balancing on the left foot and raising the right foot slightly off the floor.
15) Couples execute a grand right & left without touching hands, weaving from side to side as they pass one another.
16) Repeat dosado.
17) The couples continue to weave in and out around the set until they reach home position, then all couples swing about twice around. The side couples now take their turn leading the figure.

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