Big Mamou
Link Davis; Jimmy Newman; Waylon Jennings 1952
  (Lore 1023)   Johnny Creel


Join hands and circle left to Big Mamou
Left allemande turn your partner right hand you do
Men star left, go once around that track
When you meet your partner, box the gnat
Pull her by, left allemande then weave around that land
When you meet your girl you promenade around
Promenade her hand in hand, back to Louisianne
Swing that gal around in Big Mamou

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

1 & 3 lead to the right, circle round that track
Heads break to a line of 4, go forward 8 and back
Square thru 3 across from you, 3 hands round you do
Bend the line, then do a right & left thru
Cross trail thru, left allemande, walk right by your own
Swing your right hand lady round, promenade her home
Promenade around that ring, take her home and swing
Swing her round and round in Big Mamou

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