Texas Plains
Hank Snow; Don Edwards; many others 1958
  (Silver Sounds 233)   Red Bates


Sides face, grand square
I want to drink my java from an old tin can
While the moon is ridin' high
I want to hear the sound of the whippoorwill
I want to hear the coyotes cry

Well the four little ladies promenade inside that old ring
Come on back swing your man and promenade
I want to feel my saddle horse between my legs
Back on the Texas plains

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads square thru four hands 'round, dosado
Swing thru, girls circulate, boys trade
Boys run and now you bend the line
Slide thru, square thru 3/4 'round you go
Swing the corner girl and you promenade
I want to kick him in the side just to show his step and pride
Back on the Texas plains


Back on the Texas plains

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