Coward Of The County
Kenny Rogers 1979
  (C Bar C 553)   Jim Melton


Four little ladies chain, go straight across the ring now
Join hands and circle to the left around you go
Ladies roll away, circle to the left go round now
Ladies roll away and circle to the left again
Allemande left your corner, dosado with your partner
Men star by the left, go once around
Turn thru and then you go left allemande
Meet your own and promenade the land
Son, you don't have to fight to be a man

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

All four ladies chain 3/4 round the ring go
1 & 3 you promenade halfway round that ring
Down the middle, right & left thru, turn the girl and square thru
4 hands around and then do a little dosado
Swing thru tonight, the boys run to the right
Ferris wheel and move it round you go, centers pass thru
Allemande left, do a dosado and promenade back home
Son, I hope you'll try to understand
You don't have to fight to be a man

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