Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  (Lore 1022)   Boots Lewis


Four ladies chain 3/4 round, your corner man will turn you around
Allemande left come back and promenade, promenade don't slow down
1 & 3 wheel around, right & left thru and roll a 1/2 sashay
1/2 square thru, don't just stand, walk right in a right & left grand
Hand over hand around that ring you go, now promenade go round that hall
Take ole Sally back home you all, Sally let your bangs hang down


Heads go forward and back with you, 1/2 sashay and star thru
U-Turn Back and then you pass thru, star by the left with the outside pair
One time round, sides stay there, heads star back, it's once around that track
Then allemande left your corners all, dosado round your pretty little taw
Go back and swing your corner round and round, promenade go round the town
Let's pick 'em up and lay 'em down, Sally let your bangs hang down

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