Hundred To One
  (Lore 1011)   John Hendron

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, R-H lady progression

Allemande your corner, come home and swing
4 little ladies promenade the ring
Turn your partner right, all the way around you go
Allemande your corner, come back and promeno
All 4 couples backtrack and then
Girls turn back, left allemande
Promenade your honey, right back where it's sunny
It's a hundred to one you're in love


Dosado your corner, the men star left
Pick up the corner lady, star promenade the set
Gents swing out, girls swing in, the other way around you go
*Girls rollaway twice around to the corner go
Left allemande, weave the land
Weave it in and out and promenade
It's a hundred to two, she's gonna swing you
It's a hundred to one you're in love

*Note: Girls roll away with a double whirl out of star to get to corner for allemande.

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