Low And Lonely
Roy Acuff; Ricky Skaggs 1942
  (Lore 1200)   Moe Odom


4 ladies chain now straight across that ring
Turn and chain 'em back home I sing
Join hands, circle left go round the ring now
Left allemande then weave somehow
Low and Lonely, sad and blue
Swing that gal, promenade her too
*Do you yearn dear for my return dear
I'm low and lonely over you

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head couples promenade halfway I say
Come down that middle, pass thru, do a partner trade, boys
Reverse that flutter, sweep 1/4 more now
When you're there, pass thru, do a dosado
Swing thru and the boys trade, boys run to the right
Everbody partner trade, promenade tonight
*Always trying to keep from crying
I'm low and lonely over you


*Don't be long, dear, you know it's wrong, dear

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