I Get So Lonesome
  (Lore 1180)   Harold Bausch

OPENER    Basic

4 ladies promenade once around the land
Right back home and swing, swing with your man
Join hands and circle left round the ring you go
Allemande left your corner, weave the ring
I get so lonesome, I'm lonesome right now
Swing with your partner and promenade somehow
Promenade and hold her close, whisper in her ear
I don't want to be alone tonight

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads couples promenade half around you go
Down the middle right & left thru, turn the one you know
Square thru from there 4 hands and then
Right & left thru, turn the girl, touch 1/4 too
Split circulate, let the boys run to the right
Reverse the flutter wheel and promenade tonight
*Don't leave me now, I need you my dear
I don't want to be alone tonight


I get so lonesome, I wish you were here


I don't want to be alone, no not tonight

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