Oh Lonesome Me
Don Gibson; Hank Snow; Roy Orbison 1958
  (Old Timer 1401)   Don Henderson


Smile at your corner
Then tell your partner, swing
Oh, lonesome me


Do an allemande left and an allemande thar go forward two and star
The men swing in and make that star but don't go too far
Shoot that star with a full turn round and pull the corner by
Left allemande, grand right & left
Grand right and left go round the ring then do a little dosado
Allemande left with the corner the promenade your own
You've got a girl and I'm fancy free
Oh, lonesome me

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

The heads (sides) square thru four hands around will do
Swing that corner there and promenade
But don't stop, don't slow down, promenade around the town
The head (side) two couples wheel around and do the right & left thru
Well, flutter wheel go full around and sweep 1/4 more
Pass to the center, square thru three hands around the floor
Swing with the corner girl and promenade
Oh, lonesome me


Oh, lonesome me

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