I Feel Better
Ferlin Husky; Johnny Cash 1954
  (Longhorn 157)   John Hendron


Four little ladies promenade once around inside the ring
Well get along home, swing and whirl your man
Allemande the corners all, turn a right hand round your own
The men star by the left, go once around the ring
Turn partner by the right, that corner allemande
Come on back and promenade with me
I feel better all over more than anywhere else
And that's exactly how I feel

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

First and third (2 & 4) square thru four hands round the ring will do
All the way around, right & left thru the outside couple there
Dosado, make an ocean wave, balance forward-back I say
All eight circulate and do a right & left thru
(You're gonna) dive thru, pass thru, swing your corner maid
Left allemande, come back and promenade
Hi-diddle-dee-dee, hi-diddle-dee-dee, I'm happy as can be
That's exactly how I feel

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