Don't Let The Good Times Go
  (Lore 1169)   Harold Bausch


Sides face, grand square
Some folks say the good times are gone
They don't know they're here right now
They should dance and have some fun
We sure could show them how

Allemande your corner and weave that ring
Move in and out and don't be slow
Dosado, promenade and sing
Don't let the good times go

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads pass the ocean, and then recycle
You'll do a pass thru and a right & left thru
Eight chain 4, across you go
Then do a dosado
Swing thru you do, and then turn thru
Swing the corner girl and promenade her too
*Enjoy each day and listen Joe
Don't let the good times go


*Enjoy each dance and listen Flo
Don't let the good times go

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