Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra; Benny Goodman and his orchestra; Louis Armstrong; Frank Sinatra; many others 1920
  (Lore 1032)   Toby Dove


Do an allemande left with the corner, turn a right hand round your own
That corner girl you swing and whirl then promenade along
1 & 3 you gonna wheel around and dosado and then
A right & left thru across from you and turn a little girl my friend
Rollaway a 1/2 sashay, do a 1/2 square thru from there
Parter dosado and then you promenade around that square
Whispering while you hold her near you
Whispering that I love you

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Now the head two couples lead to the right and circle around that track
Make a line, go forward eight and then you come on back
Star thru, dosado, do all the way round and then
A right & left thru with the opposite two, then turn a little girl again
1/2 square thru across the way and bend the line I say
Cross trail and swing your corner, then you promenade
Whispering while she cuddles near you
Take her home, she'll swing with you

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