Remember Me
Ernest Tubb; Jimmy Dean; Red Foley; Dean Martin; Johnny Cash 1950
  (Thunderbird 124)   Singin' Sam Mitchell


All 4 ladies chain the ring, then rollaway and circle left I sing
You rollaway, circle left, go walking round the ring
Left allemande and then you weave the ring
When you're all alone and blue
Dosado and promenade her too
Remember me I'm the one who loves you

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Those heads (sides) square thru you know, round your corner lady dosado
Swing thru, boys run, wheel & deal, a right & left thru
You rollaway and there's the corner lady, swing
Go allemande and promenade the ring
Remember me I'm the one who loves you

MIDDLE BREAK    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
Through all kinds of weather, you'll find I'll never change
Through the sunshine and the shadows, I will always be the same

4 ladies chain, turn that girl and chain her right back home
Keep this girl and promenade along
Remember me I'm the one who loves you


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