I've Got My Baby On My Mind
Connie Smith 1975
  (Thunderbird 116)   Bill Volner


Walk around the corner, turn the partner by the left
Men star right around you go
Pick up that partner, star promenade that ring there
Girls roll back, allemande left and weave the ring
It's in and out around the ring you go there
Dosado and then you promenade
I've got to go, I'll see you later
I've got my baby on my mind

FIGURE    B - SSD Week 10, corner progression

Head couples star thru, then pass thru, star thru
Then flutter wheel you do, reverse the flutter, boys go
You're gonna get that girl and then
And then you square thru 4 hands
Four hands around, trade by, the corner lady swing
Swing that girl and then you promenade
Don't want to talk about the weather
I've got my baby on my mind

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