Little Things Girls Should Know
  (Rockin' A 1336)   George Keith


4 ladies chain across, you turn 'em left and then
Chain 'em back across, turn 'em one more time
Walk all around that corner girl and see saw round your taw
4 little boys star by the left go one time around
Now dosado that partner then we'll go left allemande
Come back home and swing and whirl and promenade that land
Hug her up and don't you love that girl too slow
Now tell her little things that every girl should know

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Well walk all around your corner, come on home and star twirl
1 & 3 you square thru, count 4 hands you do
4 hands around and then we're gonna all swing thru
Hey boys trade to an ocean wave, and balance up and back
Then you turn thru, left allemande, you come back just one
Dosado this lady there, then promenade that square
Girls take my advice, don't be hasty or too nice
Then tell her little things that every girl should know

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