Oh Baby Mine
The Statler Brothers; The Four Knights 1954
  (Rockin' A 1319)   Paul Childers

FIGURE (four times through)    A1, corner progression

Dosado your corner, come home swing your own now
Swing that gal and heads go up and back and then you
Cross trail thru, star thru, behind those sides
Double pass thru, first one left, next one right
Right & left thru, the first old two, turn that girl and then
Dosado to an ocean wave you do
Swing thru across you do, rock up and back with you
Pass thru, swing that corner girl around
Allemande left new corner, then weave the ring now
In and out you go, when you meet you promenade your lady
I get so lonely baby, then when I swing you
Life just seems so grand

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