Fox On The Run
Manfred Mann; Bill Emerson 1968
  (Chaparral 3512)   Jerry Haag, Gary Shoemake


Four ladies promenade get one time 'round the ring now
You're gonna get on back, swing your lady one time round
Hey join all your hands circle to the left go moving round now
Left allemande and gonna weave around that ring
Like a fox on the run
Dosado and promenade
Like a fox on the run

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Well now those heads you promenade the ring go half around you travel
Down the middle with a right & left thru and take your lady home
Square thru four go moving round that ring now
Split two round one make a line, go forward up and back
Star thru, California twirl
Swing that corner lady round and promenade
Like a fox on the run

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