Jelly Bean
Pete Wendling 1920
  (Hi Hat 452)   Ernie Kinney


(He's got those) Fancy boots that really fit
His pants and shirt are made of double knit
So just swing Ol' Jelly Bean

FIGURE (four times through)    Mainstream, corner progression

Walk around your corner, see saw round your pet
Head two couples up and back and turn thru like that
Separate and then you travel round just one
Come into the middle, make a left hand star, once around you run
Put your arm around your corner, take 'em with you watch 'em grin
Inside out, outside in (1/2 turn) now the inside ladies roll away 1/2 sashay
Then all four ladies back-track, go round the other way
Turn 'em left around, keep 'em, promenade around
Who is that guy? That's Ol' Jelly Bean
So swing Ol' Jelly Bean

MIDDLE BREAK (may be used in center or as a closer - one time only)    A2, R-H lady progression

Join hands, circle left, make a great big ring
Turn to the corner, swing, swing, everybody swing
Allemande left new corner, dosado your own
Go back and swing that corner girl as though she were your own
And then you join hands, circle left, let me see you smile
Reverse that ring, single file
Gents reach back your right hand and box the gnat
Make a right hand star, all eight of you & then right after that
Girls turn back for a left allemande
Keep that fellow, promenade that man
Who is he? That's Ol' Jelly Bean
Swing Ol' Jelly Bean

Note on cue sheet: "We give full credit for this dance to Joe Lewis (with minor updating by Ernie). Joe did more to develope (sic) the style used in Modern Singing Calls than any other caller...for that, we dedicate this record to him...Thanks, Joe."

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