Spanish Two Step Square
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 1946
  (Swinging Square 2347)   Cal Brazier


Allemande left your corner, come on back and dosado
Men star left in the middle, one time around you know
Pick up your partner with an arm around, star promenade you go
Girls turn back and go two times around
Dosado when you meet your man, do a left allemande
Come on back and promenade for me
Without a worry or a care, a rose she gave me from her hair
And whispered "sweet señor, si, si"


4 little ladies chain 3/4 around the ring
Join your hands and circle to the left you know
Do an allemande left on the corner, turn your partner right
Make a wrong way thar and the men back down the line
Shoot that star, the girls star left across, turn the opposite right
Allemande left, come back and promenade
Promenade, don't be slow, take a little walk with old Poncho
While the band played Spanish Two-Step soft and low

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