Standing Room Only   (Blue Star 1909)   Jerry Helt

4 ladies chain across the ring now
You'll chain those pretty ladies back again
Join hands, circle left around the ring
Allemande left the corner, weave the ring
There's standing room for you
Dosado your own and promenade her too
Promenade the ring, go walking two by two
There's standing room only for you

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads to the middle, circle 4 3/4 round
Pass thru, right & left thru with the couple you found
Dosado it's back to back, make an ocean wave like that
Swing thru, turn thru, find the corner
Allemande left your corner lady, then dosado your own
Go back and swing your corner girl around
Promenade the ring go walking two by two
There's dancing room only for you

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