Is It True What They Say About Dixie
Al Jolson; Jimmy Dorsey; Dean Martin; others 1936
  (Blue Star 1662)   Vaughn Parrish


Join your hands, circle left way down in Dixie
Reverse back and trail along that Swanee shore
Girls backtrack around the ring, turn partner right hand swing
Your corner girl left allemande then weave around the ring
Weave it in and out around until you meet her
You'll dosado and then you promenade
You promenade your man way down to Dixieland
Back in Dixieland where I belong

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

4 ladies chain, chain, chain across the ring now
Heads roll away and circle 4 inside the land
*Exactly once you glide, star thru and face the sides
Dosado that outside two, make an ocean wave you do
Rock it up and come on back, a right & left thru now
Your corner swing and whirl then promenade
Take a walk with your maid, 'neath that old magnolia shade
Back in Dixieland where I belong


*Exactly once I said, star thru and face the heads

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