April Showers
Al Jolson 1921
  (Blue Star 1604)   Larry Faught


Join your hands, circle left, go round the ring
4 ladies whirl away, join hands again
You circle left now, turn the corner left hand round
Gents star right in the middle of the floor and turn it once around
Your corner girl left allemande, let's weave the ring
Go out and in now, till you meet again
You promenade there with this lady, go walkin' home today
Those April showers soon may come your way

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Head ladies chain the ring, then roll away
Side couples cross trail thru,
Around 2 I say, hook on the end, make a line,
you move it up and back
Go right & left thru across the floor, then chain two ladies back
Turn these girls around, then cross trail thru
Your corner swing there, promenade her too
Just keep on looking for a blue bird, listening for its sound
Whenever April showers come along

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