Dancin' On The Ceiling
Lionel Ritchie 1986
  (Eureka 1901)   Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine


Circle left
What's happening here?
Something's going on and it's not quite clear
Com' on, it's good news
Don't hang back 'cuz it ain't no use

Men star right, roll it one time around
Allemande the corner and you weave the town
Oh, oh! what a feelin'
Swing your lady, promenade her
Oh, oh! what a feelin'
Square dancing on the ceiling

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade you go halfway you know
2 & 4 do a right & left thru, turn 'em and go
Sides square thru, yes you count 'em to 4
Dosado and do an eight chain 4
Oh, oh! what a feelin'
Swing your corner, promenade her
Oh, oh! what a feelin'
*Square dancing on the ceiling

MIDDLE BREAK    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
Everybody starts to lose control
When the music is right
If you see somebody hangin' around
Don't get up tight

Allemande left and weave
The only thing we want to do tonight
Swing your lady, promenade
Is go round and round and turn upside down


I said oh! oh! what a feelin'

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