Boomerang / Truck Stop Grill
  (MacGregor 7395 side A)   

OPENER    Basic

Bow to your partners one and all
Circle to the left around the hall
All the way round that great big ring
While the roosters crow and the birdies sing
Now you're home, so swing, boys
Everybody swing


Now 1 & 3 you'll promenade just half around the town
Right & left thru, right down through the middle and you'll wheel those gals
Star by the right in the center of that
Pick up your corner with the arm around
Star promenade, go around the town
The inside out, the outside in
A full turn round, star again
Walk right along and don't you folks be late
The rim steps out, u-turn back
Go twice around the outside track
Twice around but not too far
Meet 'em with a right to a wrong way thar
The rim backs up in a good old left hand star
Shoot that star to a corner swing
Go twice around with the dear little thing
Promenade this lady fair
Take 'er home and keep 'er there
And swing boys, it's everybody swing

(Sequence: repeat figure for head couples; break; twice for side couples)

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