Gonna Hire A Caller
David Frizzell 1982
  (Petticoat Patter 110)   Toots Richardson
two columns

OPENER - CLOSER    Mainstream

Sides face, grand square
I'm gonna hire a caller to decorate our home
So you will feel more at ease and won't have to roam
We'll take out the recliner, put chairs along the wall
Make two signs marked "His" and "Hers" for the bathrooms down the hall

4 ladies chain, go straight across the ring
You turn and chain those ladies right back home and promenade
We'll rip out all the carpet, run a dust mop on the floor
Put out the cake and coffee and we can dance some more

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Now the head two couples square thru 4 hands around you go
Make a right hand star with the sides and turn it once you know
Come into the middle with a left hand star, one time you bet
To the same two go right & left thru, turn 'em you're not through yet
You swing thru two times, now move on down the line
Swing that corner lady and promenade in time
The square dance fever struck us and we've driven many a mile
Our poor old Chevy's had it, but it's lasted quite a while

MIDDLE BREAK    Basic - SSD Week 1

4 ladies promenade inside the ring
Get back home, swing your baby, everybody swing
Then join hands and circle left, go movin' round the town
You allemande left your corner, weave in and out you go
We are true blue square dancers and all our friends are, too
You dosado your lady and promenade you do
You'll get that friendly service and square dance atmosphere
We'll listen to the same old jokes and grin or laugh right here

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