Shiek Of Araby
Merle Travis; The Beatles; Lou Monte 1921
  (Lore 1096)   Johnny Creel


4 ladies chain across, turn that girl and then
Join hands and circle left go round that ring
Allemande left that corner girl, then go allemande thar
Go right & left, gents back in and make a right hand star
Shoot that star, go right & left grand around that big old ring
When you meet that girl, promenade
Promenade go hand in hand across the burning sand
With that sheik of Araby

FIGURE    Mainstream, no progression

1 & 3 promenade go halfway around that ring
Come into the middle, swing thru, go two by two and then
Turn thru and separate, around one you go
Come into the middle and swing thru, go two by two you know
Turn thru, left allemande, dosado your own
Swing that corner girl and promenade
Promenade back to your tent, that's where she wants to be
With that sheik of Araby

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