Yankee Doodle Dandy
George M. Cohan; Billy Murray 1904
  (Lore 1060)   Red Bates


Walk all around that corner, hey bow down to your own
Join eight hands, circle to the left around you roam
Reverse back single file, you march it right along
Gents turn into a right hand star, the gals keep movin' on
Pass her once, second time, do a dopaso
It's partner left and the corner right you know
Well your partner left, roll promenade, you get back home, swing your maid
Swing with your Yankee Doodle boy

FIGURE    C4, R-H lady progression

Allemande left and allemande thar, go right & left and star
Boys you wheel right in, now that's an allemande thar
Shoot that star in a full turn, your corner all eight chain
Go right & left and turn this girl, and the 4 little ladies chain
Turn a new girl and whirlaway, turn a right hand round the next
Your corner box the flea and promenade
You promenade go two by two, you get back home and swing you do
Swing with your Yankee Doodle boy

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