Moments To Remember
The Four Lads 1955
  (Lore 1059)   Bob Augustin

OPENER    Basic

Join 8 hands and make a ring, circle left and hear me sing
We'll have these moments to remember
Sashay round that corner girl, see saw your own sweet pearl
The men star right go once around now
Meet your own, star promenade and around that ring you go
The girls turn back, left allemande, come back and swing your own
Promenade her round the ring, get on home and swing and sing
We'll have these moments to remember

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

4 ladies chain across you know, turn the girls and here we go
Side 2 go right & left thru and turn there (backaway)
1st and 3rd star thru and then double pass thru
Then centers in, cast off 3/4 round the ring go
Move forward 8, come back with you,
Now just the ends star thru
Swing that corner lady round, promenade your Sue
Promenade your lady fair, home you go around the square
We'll have these moments to remember

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