Every Man A King
  (Lore 1036)   Bob Augustin


You bow and swing, everybody swing
4 ladies chain across the ring, turn 'em left
Chain them back across you go for a dopaso
Partner left, corner girl right hand around
You see saw round your own, hurry don't you roam
Promenade your pretty girl
Walk around that ole ring, take them home and you sing
Every man's a king

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

1st and 3rd pass thru, split the ring go round two
Round those two, make a line, go up and back
You're gonna bend that ole line then you star thru
Frontier whirl, corners all left allemande
Walk on by your sweet, swing the next you meet
And you promenade the ring
No matter how it may seem, every girl is a queen
And every man a king

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=6891