Won't You Say You're Mine For Evermore
  (Lore 1069)   Bob Augustin


Join 8 hands and make a ring, circle to the left and hear me sing
Circle to the left around the ring you go, allemande left your corners all
Dosado your own sweet doll, gents star by the left go once around
home you go and dosado, turn to the corner here we go
Allemande left that corner maid, come back one and promenade
You're the girl that I adore, just the one I've waited for
Won't you say you're mine for evermore?


Side 2 ladies chain to the right, turn the girls and hold 'em tight
New head ladies chain across the ring, 1st and 3rd lead out to the right
Circle up 4 out there tonight, break and make a line, go up and back
2 ladies chain, you're doing fine, turn the girls and chain the line
Roll promenade this girl, take a little walk go round the world
You're the only girl for me, I'm in love it's plain to see
Won't you say you're mine for evermore?

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