Why Haven't I Told You
  (Lore 1084)   Bob Augustin


Join hands make a ring, circle 8 and hear me sing
Why couldn't I tell you
Allemande left and allemande thar
Forward two and form a star, men make a right hand star
Shoot that star, go full around, pull the corner by
Left allemande you know, come back and promeno
I count every little star, just to say how sweet you are
Why haven't I told you

FIGURE    A2, corner progression

All 4 couples 1/2 sashay, heads square thru while you're that way
4 hands around you go, dosado the outside two an ocean wave,
Here's what you do, rock up and back, swing thru
End two run, you wheel & deal, then you dive thru
Pass thru, that corner swing, promenade that ring
I count every little star, makes no difference where you are
Why haven't I told you

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=6840