In My Own Peculiar Way
  (Lore 1079)   Bob Augustin


Head two ladies chain across and turn 'em left around
4 ladies chain across that square and turn the girl
Side ladies chain, you chain across that ring now
Then join your hands and circle round that land
Left allemande, you dosado your partner
Left allemande, come back and promenade
Sometimes I think you'd be better off without me
Although I love you in my own peculiar way


Head 2 couples promenade halfway around and swing
2 & 4 go right & left thru and turn the girl
Head two gents and the corner girl go forward up and back
Box the gnat across from you, go right & left thru
Join 8 hands and circle round the ring now
Swing the girl that's nearest you and promenade
Let no one say I've ever been untrue to you
I'll always love you in my own peculiar way

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