Betcha My Heart I Love You
  (Lore 1077)   Bob Augustin

OPENER    Basic

4 little ladies chain 3/4 round the ring
Roll away and circle left, then roll away again
Allemande left and allemande thar, forward two and star
Betcha my heart I love you
Slip the clutch, skip two girls, the corner allemande
Swing ol' partner round, then promenade the land
When you're close to me I'm happy as can be
Betcha my heart I love you

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

The 4 little ladies chain go straight across the ring
Chain the ladies home and turn 'em once again
Head gents and the corner girl, up to the middle and back
Square thru 4 hands around the ring go
Turn thru the outside two, the corner lady swing
Swing that girl then promenade the ring
Promenade with me, *that's where I want to be
Betcha my heart I love you


*Promenade with my in my ecstasy

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