Dance Till Sunday Morning Saturday Night
  (Lore 1039)   Boots Lewis

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, R-H lady progression

Allemande left with your corner, right hand turn your partner
The 4 men make a left hand star
Put your arm around your own, star promenade along
Gents swing out and the ladies in, a full turn we're gone again
The ladies roll a half sashay, star promenade that way
Girls turn back, left allemande
Promenade your own, take her right back home
And dance till Sunday morning, Saturday night

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

The 4 little ladies promenade, go inside of the square
When you get back home you box the gnat, promenade right there
Head two couples wheel around, do a right & left thru
Pass thru, go on to the next, then you pass thru
Lines of 4 go up and back, and then you bend that line
Cross trail and swing that corner round
Promenade her home, and keep her for your own
And dance till Sunday morning, Saturday night


Oh well, swing till Sunday morning, Saturday night

Music --