West Bound And Down   (Mustang 176)   Art Springer

Circle left
Westbound and down, loaded up and truckin'
We got a job they said couldn't be done

Allemande left your corner, turn partner by the right
Men star left once around you run
Turn thru at home, go left allemande
Come on back and swing her, promenade
*We got a long way to go and a short time to get there
Let that hammer down and let 'em roll

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head two couples square thru, sides roll away
When you meet the outside two swing thru
Boys run right, do the right & left thru tonight
Pass thru, wheel & deal, square thru 3/4
Swing that corner girl
Left allemande new corner, promenade
**Keep your eyes upon the road, your mind upon the load
Let that hammer down and let 'em roll


*You got to dodge and you got to duck 'em
You got to keep that diesel truckin'

**Keep your hand upon the wheel, your foot up off the brake

*Smokey's got them ears on, he's hot upon your trail
He ain't gonna rest till you're in jail

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