12th Street Rag
Bennie Moten 1919
  (Scope 510)   Jim Mayo


Walk around that corner, men star by the left you know
One time around right past your own,
Turn the right hand lady by the right
Go once and a half around and then the girls star left tonight
Once around to the same man pass him by, turn the next by the right
Go a full turn to the corner, then left allemande you know
Come back one and dosado then promenade back home
You promenade your lady fair, rock and roll it around the square
You're dancing to the Twelfth Street Rag

FIGURE    Basic - SSD Week 8, corner progression

Head 2 a right & left thru, turn your girl and then
Square thru in the middle of the set, count 4 hands my friend
With the sides swing thru two times, a double swing thru
When you're through make an ocean wave, rock awhile
Then all 8 circulate, then swing the corner, swing that pretty maid
Allemande left new corner girl, come back and promenade
You promenade this loving doll, rock 'em roll 'em round the hall
You dance it to the Twelfth Street Rag


You're dancin' to the Twelfth Street Rag

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