Just In Time
Dean Martin; Tony Bennett; Frank Sinatra; many others 1956
  (Hi Hat 354)   Bill Peterson


All 4 ladies chain, when you turn your Jane
Join hands, circle left, we're movin' on
Left allemande, pass by one and then
Box the gnat, change hands, left allemande
Grand ol' right & left, go movin' round that ring now
Dosado, go full around
Promenade in time, cause we are just in time
I can swing and fall in love with you

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads promenade halfway round in time
Lead right, circle 4, make a line
Dance forward, back away, star thru across the way
Dosado, go full around
Swing thru, boys trade, box the gnat and then
Pull her by, swing that girl right there
Promenade in time, I found you just in time
To swing and fall in love with you

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