Save Your Kisses For Me
  (Thunderbird 170)   Bobby Keefe


Circle left
*Though it hurts to go away, it's impossible to stay
But there's one thing I must say before I go

4 ladies chain, straight across the ring
Turn that girl and roll away, circle left around
Roll away and then, you weave around the ring
Meet your girl and promenade on home
I love you all of the while
I'm thinking of you in most everything I do

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Heads promenade go halfway round that ring
Side pair do a dosado
Swing thru, then boys run right
Cross fire and go walk & dodge
Partner tag there, swing that corner maid around
Left allemande then promenade
Bye bye, baby bye bye
I'm thinking of you in most everything I do


*Now the time is movin' on and I really should be gone
But you keep me hanging on for one more smile

*I've got to work each day and that's why I go away
But I count the second till I'm home with you


Your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me
Hello honey, hello

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