Good Morning Country Rain
Jeannie C. Riley; Jody Foster; Ricky Skaggs 1972
  (Top 25271)   Mike Litzenberger


4 ladies chain you see
Send 'em back in a flutter wheel
Join your hands, circle left go walking round the ring
Left allemande and weave the ring
Good morning country rain
Dosado and promenade
Good to be back home again
In a good old country rain

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

The head two ladies chain
Square thru 4 hands I say
With the corner slide thru
Up to the middle and back
Flare the star* in front of you
Cross trail, the corner swing
Promenade around the ring
**Magic that I can't explain
In a good old country rain


*See the fog hang on the cane

*Flare the Star: From two couples facing, form a right hand star and turn it halfway where the men roll (flare) out to the left to face back in, while the girls keep going full around back to their home position where the men courtesy turn them to end facing the other couple. Equals a flutter wheel or right & left thru and two ladies chain.

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