In Your Own Backyard
Al Jolson 1927
  (Top 25249)   Ralph Kinnane


You allemande left, then go back home dosado
Now swing your corner round and round
Gents star left round the set, same girl you just left
Box the gnat, change hands, left allemande
You weave the ring, go in and out all around the ring you go
Dosado your honey bun, that's back to back you know
Allemande left that corner maid, come back, promenade
Back to your own backyard

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Those heads square thru 5 hands around you do
Sides divide, meet somebody, star thru
Circle 1/2, make a two-faced line, circulate (you're doing fine)
When you do wheel & deal, face those two, dive thru
Substitute, then square thru 3/4 around you go
Swing that corner gal around, keep her and promeno
*You'll find your happiness lies, right under your eyes
Back in your own backyard


*You've searched in vain for those castles in Spain
You'll find 'em in your own backyard

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