Hello Blues And Down The Road I Go
Don Williams 1973
  (Red Boot 172)   John Hendron


Well the 4 little ladies chain across the town
You turn and chain them back 3/4 round
You join hands, circle round the land
Ladies center, men sashay, left allemande, weave the ring
Weave in and out around until you meet your maid
Dosado once around, then you promenade
I love her and try to tell her so
But it's hello blues and down the road I go

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Heads lead right and circle round the track
You make a line, go forward up and back, curlique
All 8 circulate, boys run
Swing thru two by two and the boys trade, turn thru
Allemande that corner girl, come back a dosado
Allemande the corner girl, then you promeno
*The way he holds her tight I think I know
That it's hello blues and down the road I go


*The way she holds to him I think I know


For it's hello blues and down the road I go

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