Do You Remember These
The Statler Brothers 1972
  (Red Boot 131)   Ted Frye


Circle left
*Saturday morning serials, chapters one through fifteen
Fly paper, penny loafers, Lucky Strike Green

Allemande that corner, come back a dosado
Gents star left one time you know
Turn your partner right hand and go left allemande
Dosado, promenade around that land
**Flat tops, 'n' sock hops, Studebaker, Pepsi please
Ah, do you remember these?

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 square thru 4 hands around you go
Dosado one time around you know
Spin the top go two by two and when you get through
Turn & left thru and turn your girl, flutter wheel
Full around you go, left allemande and then
Swing your partner, promenade around that ring
**Mum's the word, and he's a dirty bird, and double root beer float
Ah, do you remember those?


*Charles Atlas course, Roy Roger's horse, and only the Shadow knows
Gable's charm, frog in your arm, loud muffler's pitchin' woo

*The hit parade, grape Kool Aid, the Sadie Hawkins dance
Pedal pushers, ducktail hair, peg in your pants

**Cigar bands on your hand, your daddy's socks rolled down

**Howdy Doody, tutti frutti, the seams up the back of her hose

**Why, movie stars on Dixie cup tops, and knickers to your knees

**Cracker Jack prize, stars in your eyes, asked daddy for the keys

**Knock, knock jokes and who's there, Dewey, Dewey who?

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