San Antonio Rose
Bob Wills and His Playboys; Merle Haggard; Johnny Cash; John Denver; many others 1938
  (Magic 1000)   Fred Bouvier


All join hands and circle left
You circle round that world
Allemande left your corner
Then you dosado your girl
Promenade your lady fair, take her right back home
Swing that Rose of San Antone

FIGURE    C4, no progression

Sashay round your corner girl, turn partner left around
Four ladies chain, grand chain right across that town
Heads go forward, come on back, then you star thru
Dosado to an ocean wave with that two
Go up and back, then pass thru, split two and line up 4
Go forward 8 and back, then pass thru once more
The centers arch, ends turn in, pass thru, sides dive in
You pass thru, meet your corner, left allemande
Grand ole right & left, you travel round that world
Meet your gal and dosado, then find your corner girl
Swing that corner gal around, then promenade her home
Swing that Rose of San Antone

(SEQUENCE: Opener, Figure 4 times, Closer)

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