Young Widow Brown
Waylon Jennings 1958
  (Mar Let 523)   George Shell


Sides face, grand square
*Jimmy Brown died at just 25
And they lowered him under the ground
Right at his head was a marker that read
I leave the world to young widow Brown

Circle to the left
He left her for me and it's plain to see
Allemande left, swing on the girl and promenade
I know that I've tried but the man ain't alive
That can keep up with young widow Brown

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) you promenade go 1/2 way round that floor
Sides you do a right & left thru
Square thru get me 4, go walkin' round that floor
Do a dosado and do an eight chain 4
And that woman, she's crazy if she thinks that I
Swing that girl and promenade
And I would leave in a minute except for one thing
That one thing is young widow Brown


*I must be getting old, my walk is getting slow
But I work night & day, spend all my pay on
Pretties for young widow Brown

*In her high steppin' style, she's going hog wild
And this night life is a whupping me down
But if I lose the pace I'm out of the race for
Kisses from young widow Brown


Keep up with young widow Brown

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