Let's All Go Down To The River
Jody Miller & Johnny Paycheck; Bill & Gloria Gaither; Etta James; others 1972
  (Dance Ranch 617)   Ron Schneider


Allemande left the corner, come swing your maid
Swing your own then star promenade
Walk around the ring, girls backtrack I sing
Meet your own a dosado, weave the ring
Let's all go down to the river
Do a dosado and promenade again
Come along with me cause I wanta see
This man walking on the water

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1 & 3 pass thru, separate round just one
A line of 4 forward up and back, star thru
Double pass thru, first two left, the next two right
Right & left thru then you flutter wheel
New corner allemande, come back and then you swing
Swing the lady round and promenade her home
Come along with me cause I want to see
This man walking on the water

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